Dukkefører (Puppeteer), 2023 – Size: 34 x 34 x 7 cm. On show at KS 23, at Westjutland’s Art Museum 17 June to 6 August.

One Hundred Poets #2, 2018. Size 20 x 16 cm.
Piranesi Parafrase (2022) at the censored exhibtion KS22 at Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum. Kunsternes Sommerudstilling 2022 was on show from 18th June to 7th august. Size: 145 x 245 cm. Computer genererated print, acrylic paint, acrylic pen, gouache, charcoal and red chalk.

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Art Market at Birkerød Kunstforening 2 and 3 December
11 November 2023
Birkerød Kunstforening (Birkerød Art Society), north of Copenhagen is again hosting the most hyggelige art market of the year. (Hyggelig could translate into cozy but has broader scopr in Danish). Along with 11 other artists Niels Borring has been invited. He is looking very much forward to showing some of his newest artworks – among these a series of 6 miniatures with the title “Transformations”. The small paintings reflect how our view of people will change according to their actions and behavior.
Free access Saturday 2. December 11-16 and Sunday 3. December 12-17 at Birkerød Gl. Præstegård, Stationsvej 32, 3460 Birkerød.
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Meet Niels Borring

Meet Niels Borring
As an artist Niels Borring works primarily on paper and paperboard. He also uses a variety of other two- and three-dimensional materials and objects in his work.
Meet Niels Borring


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