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KS24, Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 15 June to 11 August
16. June 2024
Niels Borring is very happy and excited that two of his newest art works are on show at KS24 at Westjutland’s Art Museum in Tistrup. He is also very honored and proud that he is participating in this important censored exhibition for the 3rd consecutive year. The Bund (top left) and The Composer (top center) are at the venue joined by works by the Danish artists Kirsten Schmidt Nielsen, Vivi Christensen, Anne Sofi Storm Østergaard and Lars Sarto Hempler. KS24 is open until 11 August.

Meet Niels Borring

Meet Niels Borring
As an artist Niels Borring works primarily on paper and paperboard. He also uses a variety of other two- and three-dimensional materials and objects in his work.
Meet Niels Borring


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